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Found Florist Farm, LLC

Sweet Joy Fragrant Freesia and Daisy Flower Arrangement

Sweet Joy Fragrant Freesia and Daisy Flower Arrangement

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Full, Lush and Country Elegance! This is what the Sweet Joy flower arrangement is.  Add a touch of elegance and tranquility to any space with our exquisite all-white flower arrangement. This stunning bouquet features a harmonious blend of daisies, fragrant freesia, and a variety of mixed garden flowers, all meticulously arranged in a chic vase.


  • Pure White Daisies: Symbolizing purity and innocence, these daisies add a classic charm to the arrangement.
  • Fragrant Freesia: Known for their delightful scent, these freesias infuse the bouquet with a refreshing fragrance that will invigorate any room.
  • Mixed Garden Flowers: A curated selection of garden blooms adds texture and depth, creating a rich and varied visual experience.
  • Elegant Vase: The arrangement is beautifully displayed in a stylish vase that complements the pure white theme, perfect for any décor.
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