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Found Florist Farm, LLC

Flowers for Holiday Memorial Christmas Cemetery Flower Box with Evergreens

Flowers for Holiday Memorial Christmas Cemetery Flower Box with Evergreens

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These cemetery flower boxes are all  Made to order and Delivered to local graves to  honor the memory of your loved one and bring a touch of warmth and festive cheer to their final resting place with our exquisite Christmas Cemetery Flower Box adorned with holiday greens, decorations, and a beautiful florist bow. This thoughtfully crafted arrangement is a meaningful way to pay tribute during the holiday season.

What to expect: 

a. We deliver and place the cemetery box of flowers and evergreens on your loved one's grave, take a photo and create a "reel" video for you and send you a digital memory of the design. If you do not have digitial access to facebook or text media, we can arrange to send you a physical printed image. 

b. We can deliver it to you instead, if you wish placement

c. Pick up at our Willimantic Location 866 Main Street, Located in Swift Water Artisan's Cooperative Thurs-Sat: 12-5, Sun: 12-4 

 🌿 Size & Container Design:  This design is 24" Long and 12" High +/- (these are not your big box store designs. If you need a price and size different than this please call and we can accommodate most needs. Our containers vary depending on availability and flower artists vision. We put the focused value in the flowers and evergreens. 

Our cemetery "box" is meticulously designed to create a heartwarming display that evokes the spirit of the season while providing a serene and peaceful atmosphere and we utilize various containers. The wooden box is an example, but we may use different style boxes depending on the style and design.

🎄 FRESH local Holiday Greens from our 17 Acres: Take peace in knowing the cemetery box full of lush greenery will be the epitome of freshness. We harves many of the evergreens used from our land in Mansfield. Embrace the holiday spirit with lush greenery, such as fragrant pine branches, holly leaves, and other seasonal foliage, that beautifully complements the blooms.

🎁 Seasonal Embellishments: We adorn the arrangement with festive ornaments, such as pinecones, ribbons, and other holiday-themed accessories that capture the essence of the season.

🎀 Graceful Florist Handmade Bow: The finishing touch to the flower box is a tastefully tied bow that adds an elegant and sentimental flourish to the arrangement.

🌷 Customization: To make the memorial even more personal, you can choose the color scheme, flower types, and decorations that best reflect your loved one's personality and the holiday they cherished most.

🌼 Long-Lasting: We carefully select and arrange the  Silk flowers and greens to ensure that your memorial remains vibrant and beautiful for an extended period.

🙏 A Heartfelt Gesture: Placing this flower box on your loved one's grave is a touching way to remember and honor them, keeping their memory alive during the holiday season.

This Memorial Grave Flower Box is a symbol of love, remembrance, and the enduring spirit of the holiday season. It serves as a touching tribute to your beloved family member or friend, letting them know that they are not forgotten during this special time of year. Order yours today and pay your respects with a gesture that speaks volumes of your love and enduring memories.

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