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"Aromatic Blooms: Roses and Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement"

"Aromatic Blooms: Roses and Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement"

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Roses are TIMELESS with our Aromatic Blooms Rose and Eucalyptus gives an experience of delicate beauty. Our Roses are hand chosen LARGE headed Roses, NOT a Grocery store rose. These enchanting floral arrangement features a thoughtful combination of fragrant roses and soothing eucalyptus, all carefully arranged in a vase. The roses come in 3 sizes and rose amounts for different needs.

Call for Rose Color Availability prior to ordering. We can custom order special colors. We are local-we are professional-we treat you like family.

Petite Size: makes it an ideal centerpiece for a cozy dining table, a charming addition to your bedside, or a lovely gift to brighten someone's day with 3 roses, long lasting filler flowers and greenery.

Medium Size: Elevate your space with the medium-sized "Aromatic Blooms Roses and Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement." This balanced arrangement combines the allure of 7 roses with the freshness of eucalyptus in a vase that exudes sophistication. Perfect for enhancing your living room, office desk, or as a heartfelt gift to celebrate a special occasion. Let the fragrant roses and lush eucalyptus leaves create an aromatic ambiance that captivates all who behold it.

Large Size: For a Beautiful floral statement, our 1 Dozen "Aromatic Blooms Roses and Eucalyptus Flower Arrangement" in the large size is a masterpiece of botanical elegance. This stunning arrangement combines the timeless beauty of roses with the calming presence of eucalyptus in a generously sized vase. Ideal for adorning your dining room table, making a bold statement in an entryway, or as a luxurious gift that truly stands out. With an abundance of fragrant roses and lush eucalyptus, this arrangement embodies the epitome of floral opulence.

GRAND STATEMENT: We take the large vase and double it for 2 dozen AMAZING roses.

Rose Colors, Greenery and Fillers may Vary due to differences in Seasonality. Let's Chat: Text or Call and we will design a special Vase just for you!

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