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Found Florist Farm, LLC

Succulent Garden in Glass Terrarium

Succulent Garden in Glass Terrarium

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Β Delight in the timeless elegance and modern charm of our mixed potted succulent gardens. Perfect for any home or office setting, these stunning glass bowl arrangements offer a refreshing touch of greenery that requires minimal care. Available in three distinct price points to suit your needs and preferences:

Petite Charm – $35

Our Petite Charm succulent garden is the perfect introduction to the beauty of succulents. This compact arrangement features a curated selection of 3-4 miniature succulents, nestled in a sleek glass bowl. Ideal for desks, shelves, or small spaces, this delightful garden brings a touch of nature into any environment.

  • Size: Approximately 6 inches in diameter
  • Includes: 3-4 assorted succulents
  • Features: Decorative stones and soil blend for optimal drainage
  • Care: Easy-to-follow care instructions

Elegant Harmony – $55

Elevate your space with our Elegant Harmony succulent garden. This mid-sized arrangement boasts a harmonious blend of 5-6 vibrant succulents, artfully arranged in a stylish glass bowl. Perfect for coffee tables, countertops, or as a thoughtful gift, this garden exudes sophistication and natural beauty.

  • Size: Approximately 8 inches in diameter
  • Includes: 5-6 assorted succulents
  • Features: Decorative stones, soil blend for optimal drainage, and a layer of polished pebbles
  • Care: Easy-to-follow care instructions and a small care kit

Luxe Oasis – $75

Indulge in the luxurious appeal of our Luxe Oasis succulent garden. This premium arrangement showcases a stunning variety of 7-8 succulents in a generously sized glass bowl. Designed to be a statement piece, this garden is perfect for larger spaces or as a centerpiece that captures attention and admiration.

  • Size: Approximately 10 inches in diameter
  • Includes: 7-8 assorted succulents
  • Features: Decorative stones, soil blend for optimal drainage, a layer of polished pebbles, and a decorative sand layer
  • Care: Easy-to-follow care instructions, a comprehensive care kit, and a small decorative accessory
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