DIY How to Properly Place Flowers in a Vase with Professional Designer Lori Trovato's X Technique

DIY How to Properly Place Flowers in a Vase with Professional Designer Lori Trovato's X Technique

Art of Cross-Crossing Stems in Floral Arrangements is all you need to remember to get your start in flower arranging mastery. 

Floral arrangement is an art form that transcends time, often when people order flower delivery to Willimantic, Connecticut I have had them ask if I bought them wrapped and not in a vase, will I get more, then followed by the line, "oh, but I bet they wouldn't know how to arrange the flowers".

We want to help beginners eager to dip their toes into this creative world feel successful. There's a simple yet effective technique that can elevate your arrangements to new heights – crisscrossing stems. In this blog post, inspired by a captivating YouTube short (watch it here), we'll explore the magic behind crisscrossing stems and how it can help you achieve stunning vase arrangements.

The Dance of Stems:

The video voice over is simple and lasts only a minute & showcases the delicate dance of stems crisscrossing within a vase, creating a harmonious arrangement that captivates the eye. This technique isn't just visually appealing; it also serves practical purposes. By intertwining the stems, you provide support to the flowers, ensuring they stay in place and creating a more stable foundation for your arrangement and allow you have a feeling of confidence in your own design.


One of the beautiful aspects of crisscrossing stems is its accessibility for beginners. Unlike intricate techniques that may seem intimidating, this method is approachable and forgiving. Even if you're just starting, the natural flow of crisscrossing stems allows for creativity without the fear of making a mistake.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Select Your Flowers: Begin by choosing a variety of flowers in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This diversity will add depth and interest to your arrangement.

  2. Prepare Your Vase: Select a vase that complements your flowers. Fill it with water and add floral preservative to keep your blooms fresh.

  3. Trim Stems at an Angle: Trim the stems of your flowers at a diagonal angle. This helps them absorb water more efficiently and ensures they don't sit flat at the bottom of the vase.

  4. Start with Focal Flowers: Begin with your focal flowers, working from largest to smallest blooms in the design is basically how designing works.

  5. Crisscross Smaller Flowers: Intertwine the stems of smaller flowers between the stems of your focal blooms. This creates a natural grid that supports the entire arrangement.

  6. Add Greenery: Incorporate greenery, such as leaves or filler flowers, to enhance the overall texture and shape of the arrangement. Let them cascade along the sides, softening the edges.

  7. Adjust and Trim: Step back and assess your arrangement. Make any necessary adjustments by rearranging stems or trimming them to achieve your desired height.


Lori's coined "X technique" comes from the concept of  crisscrossing stems to create an artful technique that breathes life into floral arrangements. The video serves as a visual simple start  to the beauty and simplicity of this method, offering inspiration for beginners and seasoned florists alike. Embrace the dance of stems, experiment with different flowers, and let your creativity bloom. With each arrangement, you'll discover the joy of transforming a handful of blooms into a masterpiece that brings nature's beauty into your home.

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