Best Fresh Flower Delivery to Willimantic | Willimantic Flower Delivery | Care Guide for Hydrangea

Best Fresh Flower Delivery to Willimantic | Willimantic Flower Delivery | Care Guide for Hydrangea

The best flower delivery to Willimantic has a flower tip inspired by a question we got from one of our customers:  How to care for hydrangea. There's nothing quite like the beauty of hydrangea blooms adorning a vase, bringing a touch of nature indoors. However, anyone who has worked with cut hydrangeas, even local hydrangea cut and delivered locally. Let's imagine you receive a bouquet from the best florist in Willimantic and it has hydrangea. Knowing what to do if the hydrangea starts to think they are an actor in a sad shakespearean play scene, you will want to to know how to bring them into the happy zone again.  Hydrangea have very delicate petals and can be finicky, succumbing to wilting. Thy shall not doth worry! With a few simple tricks, you can revive those wilted cut hydrangea blooms and extend the life of your floral arrangement. In this blog we'll explore the reasons behind cut hydrangea wilting and share practical tips to bring these stunning blooms back to life. 

Understanding Cut Hydrangea Wilt:

Cut hydrangeas, like many flowers, experience a disruption in their water supply once removed from the plant. Wilting can occur due to air bubbles forming in the stem, preventing the continuous flow of water to the flower head. Additionally, bacteria in the vase water can clog the hydrangea's vascular system, contributing to premature wilting.

Revival Tips:

Quick Rehydration:

Submerge the entire hydrangea bloom in a basin of lukewarm water for 1 hour. This allows the petals to absorb water and rehydrate. Trim the stem at a 45-degree angle while submerged to prevent air from entering the stem. See our Youtube Video for a Visual Quick tip:

Clean Cut and Clear Water and ALUM?:

Use sharp, clean scissors to make a fresh cut at an angle on the hydrangea stem. Dip the cut slanted stem in alum, which is available to you in your bakery Aisle in the grocery store. Remove any leaves that might be submerged in the vase water, as they can promote bacterial growth after rehydration.  Place the hydrangeas in a clean vase filled with fresh, room-temperature water.

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